About Me Hello, my name is Sandra Lemming and my Forever Business is One Stop Aloe Shop.  I have chosen this name for my Forever Business as I am super passionate about the Aloe Vera plant and the wonderful benefits derived from the use of it in products.

I have chosen to have a business with the Forever Living Company because the company has been operational for over 30 years. The products are of the highest quality. And the Forever Aloe products have, put simply, changed my life.

A little Personal History about Me

For many years I was a relatively normal person, who ate the

  • Wrong foods,
  • Worked ridiculous hours,
  • Drank far too much alcohol
  • Slept irregularly

and was not very careful when it came to physically looking after my body. This rugged lack-lustre lifestyle took its toll and after a major cancer scare and a serious physical assault I was left in bad health with severe residual back pain and depression. My back for a while was touch and go due to my terrible state of health so I suffered constant pain and the possibility of ending up in a wheel chair if I didn’t straighten myself out and start to take proper care of myself.

Then I Found Forever Living Products

That is when I met a lady who introduced me to the range of Aloe products from Forever Living. So with nothing to lose I gave them a try. I also signed up as a distributor with Forever Living since the option was free and by doing so I was able to purchase my products at a discounted price. Now remember I only signed up because the opportunity was free and it gave me huge discounts on my purchase of my products which I would need to use on a daily basis. Anyone who has experienced constant back pain would understand the need to consume pain relief products daily. At first I was excited, diligent and purchased the products regularly.  Mainly the aloe drinking gel, bee pollen and arctic sea capsules every month. I always made sure to order enough to last out the month, keeping in mind my daily consumption. I must admit I really did start to feel heaps better. My mood had changed, I was eating better and I generally had more energy. My skin had a healthy colour and my hair was shinny again. These benefits started to show at 3-4 weeks in of taking my aloe products daily.

Old Habits Always Fight Back

However as time went on I lost my motivation, got lazy and just didn’t order the products any-more. Oh I gave myself the same excuses we all do,

  • They are too expensive
  • I have to wait for them to be delivered to my door
  • I will place my order next week.

Old habits and excuses always sneak back into your life if you’re not paying attention. I fell back into my old bad habits of take-away food, long work hours driving a cab and yes then came the alcohol mixed with the prescription pain medication. The excuses for me were,  Everyone drinks it’s the social thing to do  Alcohol + pain meds numb the pain from my back injury. Alcohol helps me sleep And yeah you get the picture, pathetic and weak but very human. Several years later and another major health scare, I was once again trying to clean up my life and my health. I really wanted to see my grand-kids grow up. I was pretty scared and the news from the doctors was all bad, if I didn’t get control of my lifestyle I wouldn’t have much time left to enjoy anything. For a while there I didn’t think I would see my grand-kids grow up.

Back to the Drawing Board

So back to the drawing board and time to totally change my life.

I had another look at the Aloe products I had signed up for those many years before. Even though I hadn’t been actively buying the product I was still a distributor with Forever Living and still able to purchase the product at the discount price.

Yes time to turn my life around.

  • I put all my pennies together and purchased as much of the product as I could.
  • I took a whole 2 weeks off work.
  • I stocked my fridge with quality fruits, veggies and meats and boom went straight into a heavy detox mode.
  • I told all my alcoholic friends I would be away and locked myself down in my apartment for 2 weeks.
  • I drank lots of fresh filtered water and 300 mls aloe juice for the first 2 days.
  • I took 6 Bee pollen and 3 Arctic Sea daily. I did not eat food for the first 2 days.

By day 3 it wasn’t pretty. The toilet shower and I did some serious bonding. I slept lots and read as much as I could about Aloe Vera and the Forever Living products I was using. I stuck with my detox plan for the whole 2 weeks and emerged at the end of the 14 days feeling healthier then I had in years. I didn’t have that nagging need for a drink, the pain level in my back had subsided so much I stopped taking the pain meds and I looked better than I had in years.

Large head and shoulder photo of Sandra Lemming owner at One Stop Aloe Shop

The image of me above was taken in 2014 age 49 almost 9 years after my personal journey above. I reckon I look pretty good for a woman who has been through what I have.

I promised myself no more excuses and that I would continue to include Aloe Vera in my daily diet from here on out. Yes there have been a few hiccups from time to time over the years where I have missed placing an order for a weak or two, but I can tell you, man I feel the difference big time when I get slack and not in a good way. I haven’t touched a drink (alcoholic) in years and don’t miss it, crave it or think about it at all. Then in November 2012 I decided to get serious about the business opportunity with Forever Living and started to build my on-line business so I could share my story about how Forever Living Products have changed my life.

At almost 50 I am healthier than I ever have been.

  • I no longer crave or need alcohol.
  • I eat better
  • I haven’t needed prescription medication for my back pain in years.
  • Actually I haven’t needed pain meds at all.
  • I haven’t had serious flu or any flu for that matter and I very rarely get sick.
  • I suffer fewer migraines and headaches then I ever did and I have more energy.

My doctor is amazed at my progress and keeps telling me to just keep doing whatever it is I am doing.

The business side is going okay and yes it is hard to get people to buy the products. People always have excuses. It is not until you are diagnosed with a terminal illness that you go searching for a miracle cure and really by that time it is always almost too late. I love Aloe Vera and I especially love the quality of the Forever Living aloe products and that is why they are the only ones I use, recommend and sell. Well that’s part of my story and my motivation for being a Forever Business Owner. I am so grateful and totally believe they saved my life, that I now want to share my story with as many people as I can.

Why Drink Aloe Gel

The miraculous aloe leaf contains over

  • 200 compounds including,
  • 20 minerals,
  • 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins.

Drinking Aloe gel is an essential daily addition to your diet for those of you looking to maintain a health digestive system and natural energy level

Why Take Bee Pollen?

Bee Pollen is readily digestible and easily absorbed by the human body. Bee Pollen is known to contain:

  1. Essential Nutritional Supplement
  2. Contains many Vitamins and Minerals
  3. Contains all Essential Amino Acids
  4. Beneficial to Skin Health

Why Take Arctic Sea?

Arctic Sea contains natural pure clean omega’s for those of us who don’t consume enough seafood on a regular basis.

  1. Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to help support circulatory function
  2. Omega 3 & Omega 9 fatty acids can help support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  3. Shown to help support healthy joint & tissue function
  4.  Help support healthy hair & skin