Back Pain – Do you suffer from it?

Back pain, not something we like or want to discuss. Yet Back Pain affects over 60% of the world’s population at some time in their life and at variable levels of severity.

I was  and still am at times a back pain sufferer and I don’t like it, no I don’t, not one little bit and I am fairly certain you don’t either.

Now I am not a Back Pain medical specialist and I don’t hold any medical degree in this matter, I share my own experience with back pain and feelings of others who suffer back pain, so this is where my advice and information on this real problem is going to be based. Just everyday ordinary people who have to deal with back pain on a daily basis.

My Back Pain Story

About 10 years ago I suffered an injury to my lower back during a rather unwanted violent event. I still remember that moment so vividly it makes me cringe.

I can still feel the moment that pain shot through me at a crippling rate, the immense pain, like someone had taken a sharp steel rod, drove it into my lower back and connected it to the mains electricity supply, oh it was sickening, debilitating and I was doing all I could to control my breathing and not allow the tears to stream down my face.

I was in so much pain I just wanted to die and I sure as hell could not move enough to drive the car. I managed to make it home with the help of some friends.

It was a Saturday evening and I was in no shape to sit in a hospital emergency waiting room for 6 hours, the pain was so excruciating and by this stage I needed assistance just to walk and dress.

I sat down with a bottle of scotch and some over the counter pain pills and went to work on becoming so intoxicated I would barely feel the pain. Stupid yes I know but at the time that was the only logic I could come up with in my extremely fragile state after the events of the evening.

I managed to successfully induce an alcohol comatose state of sleep, but the next day man did I feel it, I knew I needed medical attention. Now to cut a long story short, yes there was severe damage that would be long term, and so began my life on morphine, prescription codeine and copious amounts of alcohol to go with it.

Not a great way to live life as any of you would agree, but when you become a back pain sufferer to the point where you have to get your daughter to help you stand up, just to get off the toilet! your life pretty much sucks, depression hits you coupled with constant pain and limited physical movement and before you know it you become comfortable being a recluse and consuming more and more prescription pain pills with alcohol and the nasty cycle begins.

Desperation and Back Pain

Long term back pain sufferers do start to become desperate and we try all sorts of weird, wonderful and untested methods to try and alleviate the constant pain that we feel has crippled our lives. We will search high and low for anything that is a better solution to all the drugs we constantly take just to function at some level of normality.

Late night info-commercials become your friend and before you know it your funds have been used up on useless products that did more harm than good. Now I am not saying it is all bad and some back pain sufferers do find something that works better for them than the 100 prescription pills they take in a week.

More often then not it is costly and just causes more pain.

What Worked For Me

After trying many things from physiotherapy to acupuncture, machines and gadgets very little did anything to ease the pain in my lower back and many times over the years I would revert back to the prescription drugs just so I could go to work and appear to function as a valuable member of society.

That was until I remembered a company a friend introduced me to many years before. I remembered this company was all about living a better life and talked a lot about looking after your health by making better choices in the areas of your foods exercise and nutritional supplement.

I also remembered this company knew a lot about the Aloe Vera plant and all the benefits people had found when including aloe vera based products. I even remembered I had used these products years earlier when I was first introduced to this company and I did enjoy and love the products I had been using from them.

Thinking back to those early years I remembered I had occasionally purchased some of the product here and there, but like so many other people I always gave excuses to myself for not purchasing the product regularly and sticking with my healthy lifestyle choices of good food and exercise.

Back then when I first hurt my back I listened to the hype from the media and medical professionals saying that the Aloe Vera drinks, nutritional supplements, healthy eating and exercise would do nothing to ease my pain or help me with my back problem, so I never gave them a second though until several years later when I had exhausted all medical options. I did not think alternative lifestyle until the doctors basically had no other options to help me.

I did not start thinking of giving alternatives outside the traditional medical path ,until I had wasted all my money and crushed all my hopes on so many traditional options for back pain that did not work.

Out of options and knowing that the many years of constant heavy medications taken daily with alcohol were destroying my liver, kidneys, heart and sending me to an early grave I decided one day, “enough was enough”.

I searched,found and went back over all  the information from this company my friend had introduced me to so many years ago. I logged onto the shop website and I started sifting through all the information I could get my hands on.

I pulled out all the old brochures and information leaflets that had been given to me in my members pack and from when I first met the Founder of the company himself.  I even remember that first seminar when I first met the founder and how pleasant he was sharing his vision of helping people to become healthier and feel good with the aloe vera products he first envisioned.

I started to research Aloe Vera in general and what I started to learn about this plant was astounding.

Many Claims and Scientific Research

Apart from being the go to plant for treating burns and skin problems, there was a ton of information on the miraculous benefits others were having from drinking the gel from this plant.

The Aloe Vera plant was being hailed as the unknown secret to internal health, helping people with conditions from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) to easing pain in arthritis sufferers and that’s what sparked my hope and intrigue.

So many people so many claims and some history that dates back centuries,it was not always easy to decide if this plant which seemed nutrient based would be of benefit to me and my particular issue, but hey I had run out of options

I started purchasing a monthly supply of a couple of the products to include in my new health management plan I had drafted up for myself.

Then I set about making sure I developed good  habits of taking these products and following my health plan every single day without fail.

I was skeptic to say the least and I really didn’t expect to see any magical or miraculous results, but I had nothing to lose except the severe pain I had lived with for many years now that had stopped me from doing so many things in life..

After the first month of following my health plan I had drawn up, I noticed a remarkable difference in my general health, my depression wasn’t as bad, my skin and hair were healthier and my pain medication usage was down by around 10%.

My doctors were very happy with the results and told me to stick to whatever it was that I was doing. So I placed another order and continued on with my health plan.

After 6 months of following this health plan  I was now completely drug free. I no longer needed all the medication for my back pain.

I actually had no more back pain, unless I did something really stupid that put stress on the injured area of my back, like lifting something extremely heavy.

Every day I drink the aloe vera drink and take the nutritional supplements and stick with my health plan, has seen me  free from prescription pain medication for many years now.

Not a day goes by where I am not grateful for trying an alternative treatment process for my back pain management which is actually now very common place treatment advice from doctors in this country.

 My Basic Health Plan for My  Back Pain Management and Healthy Lifestyle.

The 3 core products I use daily without fail in my  health plan to manage my healthy lifestyle and stay pain free are

  1. Freedom2Go– patented, stabilized aloe vera gel, plus Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM, and the sweet taste of antioxidant-rich Pomegranate juice.
  2. Arctic Sea Capsules–A superior nutritional supplement combining Omega-3 with Omega-9. It provides a safe and balanced supplement that can favorably support healthy blood cholesterol, triglyceride levels, mobility and optimal joint function.
  3. Bee Pollen– The nutrients in bee pollen are readily digestible and easily absorbed by the human body. Forever Bee Pollen may assist in maintaining a healthy circulatory, digestive, immune, and nervous system.
Freedon2Go pouch-Arctic Sea - Bee Pollen

My go-to for back pain

These are the core nutritional supplements included in my health plan along with many fresh healthy fruits and vegetables and I try to do an easy walk each day along with the stretched designed for me by the physiotherapist.

My doctors are extremely happy with how I have managed to turn my life around and go drug free for pain management and increase my health on all counts. They encourage me to continue to stick to my health plan all the time..

What works for me may not work for you!

Now this may not be the answer to your pain management and living a healthy lifestyle as we are all different and unique. However if you have exhausted all resources then you may want to develop a health plan like I have done commit to it  every day without fail.

No matter what you find helps you, if it is better than popping handfuls of heavy drugs daily, then I would encourage you to stick with it.

What the doctors often fail to tell us is that the prescription pain medication is not a cure for our pain, it is just one possible solution to manage the pain. They will not tell you it can be addictive and over long periods of time with continued use you are destroying your liver, damaging your stomach lining and will face further complications down the track.

I have shared my experience with you to give you hope and inspire you to find a solution to your back pain or any pain management that doesn’t involve the daily taking of heavy duty drugs.

Please feel free to share what you have found that works for you or not worked for you in the comment box below and if you know of others who are suffering from back pain and may benefit from reading my story the share it with them also.

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I have chosen to have a business with the Forever Living Company because the company has been operational for over 30 years. The products are of the highest quality. And the Forever Aloe products have, put simply, changed my life.