How To Cook Broccoli

One of my most favourite vegetables to eat is broccoli.!

I read a lot, in particular anything to do with health and good health really interests me. I also love my food especially the good old vegetables, fruits and some meats.

However if I have to I can do without the meat, for me it is not a must have item.

All these years and I had no idea that I was preparing my broccoli for cooking all wrong. I knew eating it raw offered many more nutritional benefits! but I never knew there was a particular way to prepare your broccoli before you cook it to get the most benefit from all the goodness broccoli hides inside.


I came across this article about broccoli and similar vegetables by respected doctor and author Michael Greger M.D. FACLM  .

His article on the right way to cook broccoli to gain the most nutrient content from this powerhouse vegetable was so insightful and detailed, I am sharing it here on my website so that you can benefit from this technique to better your health as well

If you don’t eat Broccoli then this article may very well change your mind if you want to live longer and healthier at the same time reducing your risk of developing cancer.

Check out the video below on the very important enzyme in Broccoli we need to preserve to eat!

In this video Michael Greger M.D goes over the importance of a particular enzyme in broccoli and how to best prepare and cooked the vegetable to maximise your consumption of this powerhouse enzyme that has been linked to a variety of healthy benefits for the body

The main active ingredient in broccoli is thought to be sulforaphane, which may protect our brains, protect our eyesight, protect our bodies against free radicals, boost our detoxification enzymes, and help prevent and treat cancer.

You can read the full article and gain more insights and knowledge on the NutritionFacts website.

Here is a Link to all doctor and author Michael Greger article pages on Broccoli >

I hope you enjoy the article and will take some time to prepare your broccoli before you cook it. Please leave your Feedback and comments below