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A collection of great videos about Forever Living Products. The company, the Aloe products and  Forever Business owners from around the globe.

Our Story Begins With Aloe Vera 

This is the story of how one plant grew to help millions of people around the world. It’s not wheat, soya bean or some exotic berry it’s simply this, Aloe Vera and the pure gel that fills it’s leaves.

One Stop Aloe Shop is Part of the Forever Living Global Business Community

Forever Living Products was built and developed by a man known as Rex Maughan.

It was Rex Maughan’s passion for better health, quality products and financial freedom that inspired him to found Forever Living Products in 1978. With a degree in Business from Arizona State University and over 40 years of practical experience, his leadership and his vision have taken Forever Living Products from a smart, customized plan presented to a group of close family and friends in Tempe, Arizona to a worldwide enterprise that now enhances the lives of millions.

I am like so many others around the world Forever. I love the products, I use the products and am so honoured to have the opportunity to share the products with others and I am not alone.

I am Forever Videos

Here are some personal stories from other well established Forever Business Owners from around the globe.  Listen to their stories as they take you on their own inspiring and moving journey within Forever Living Products.

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